Chicago Bears: 5 players most crucial to Justin Fields’ success

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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From now until the day Justin Fields gets his first start, the most pressing topic will be about the Chicago Bears quarterback situation.

It is, after all, Chicago. The quarterback conversation is never-ending in this city. Since the birth of the franchise, the Bears have long wondered what it would feel like to have an All Pro quarterback.

In fact, this city would settle for less than an All Pro. This city would simply love to see one 4,000-yard passing season or even 30 passing touchdowns from a single quarterback in a given season.

The Bears have not had either in their long tenure, but Fields represents a golden opportunity for the tides to shift. Fields gives the Bears hope not only for the short-term, but the future.

Starting this season, Justin Fields will depend on a few select Chicago Bears players to jumpstart his career.

No single quarterback can do it on his own, especially a rookie. Fields has immense talent, but he’ll need help from his supporting cast to have success early on. We’re not even sure when Fields will get his first start, but even now during offseason practices, his teammates are crucial to his development.

If all goes according to plan, this handful of teammates will not only help boost Fields’ career, but also their own. Chicago has the potential to see some of their young offensive players stick around for a while and become a force, along with Fields.

If the following five players understand how crucial they are to Fields’ success, his rookie season might even be greater than anticipated.