Chicago Bulls: 3 reasons to stay far away from Ben Simmons

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Chicago Bulls, Billy Donovan
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The Chicago Bulls need certain players to play their current system.

Billy Donovan’s offense is mainly a cutting offense with the added implications of post-up isolation with Nikola Vucevic and pick-and-roll options on the side.

Simmons is used to a heavy pick-and-roll offense with the 76ers with up-tempo playstyle (because of his strong defense) and playing various roles with the ball.

Simmons would only work in the offense as a post-player. Donovan’s offense requires shooters, seeing as the Bulls ranked near the bottom in terms of aggressiveness towards the basket, hardly ever getting to the line.

While Simmons could help improve free throw attempts (which he could only make 60 percent of the time), a point guard in Donovan’s offense cannot be on the floor without a jump shot. Take Coby White, for example, he shoots a tremendous amount off screens and from long range.

While it’s worthwhile for the Bulls’ superstars LaVine and Vucevic that Simmons hardly shoots the ball, yet can facilitate and assist all night long, he is still not worth the bang for his buck.

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The Bulls should be able to find a defensive-minded point guard in free agency that can facilitate and score on his own. Simmons can do all of that, but at a very high price point. Too high for the Bulls. Sorry Chicago, Simmons is not the guy.