Chicago Bulls: 3 reasons to stay far away from Ben Simmons

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Chicago Bulls, Ben Simmons
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Ben Simmons’ contract is not good for the Chicago Bulls at this point in time.

This reason could completely win the argument over not trading for Simmons in one note. Simmons just completed the first season of his five-year $177 million contracts with the 76ers. Does that mean the Bulls can’t trade for him? Certainly not.

However, this does mean the Bulls would have to give up valuable assets to take on Simmons’ ridiculously large contract. Zach LaVine would not be out of the question to balance the gap between Simmons’ contract and the Bulls’ cap space.

Piling up other guys like Coby White, Patrick Williams, and a possible sign-and-trade with Markkanen would not be out of the question either for Simmons. The Bulls also have hardly any draft capital to play with after giving the Orlando Magic two first-round draft picks for Nikola Vucevic before the trade deadline.

It’s tough to believe Elton Brand at the 76ers would be satisfied with trading away their superstar point guard for young talent and draft capital. The 76ers are trying to be a contender now and would need championship-ready players in return for Simmons.

Certainly, Arturas Karnisovas would not go get Simmons if it meant packaging plenty of viable assets away. Simmons’ value is extremely low after his playoff performance and the attitude the 76ers have with him. However, that does not mean the Bulls should rely on him to come to Chicago.