Chicago Bulls: 3 players from Philadelphia 76ers to pursue

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Would a Ben Simmons trade make sense for the Chicago Bulls?

One of the biggest topics you’ll read about this summer is whether or not the Sixers will end up trading guard Ben Simmons. If they do entertain the idea, where would he go? His game is tough to match with potential teammates, especially on offense.

In short, our answer would be an emphatic “no.” But, because the Bulls need a point guard, their name will certainly come up.

The biggest gripe about Simmons’ game is the fact that the guy simply cannot score. Not only can he not score, but he refuses to try when it matters most. In five of the seven games against the Hawks, Simmons didn’t even attempt a field goal in the fourth quarter. That speaks volumes about this kid’s confidence.

Over the entirety of the playoffs this year, Simmons also shot 34.2 percent from the free throw line, which represents the single-worst percentage from any player in a postseason (min. 70 attempts).

As a defender and facilitator, Simmons is a strong player. He’s absolutely above average. However, in today’s NBA, you have to be able to score at the point guard position. Even a guy like Lonzo Ball has improved in that area. But, Simmons has been horrific no matter where he’s shooting from.

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If the Bulls even thought about a Simmons trade, they would be taking on a contract that works its way up to $40 million in its last year, the 2024-2025 season. That’s quite a bit of money for a point guard who hasn’t even yet convinced his own coach that he’s a championship-caliber point guard.