Chicago Bears: How much should we read into Matt Nagy’s quarterback talk?

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Lastly, Chicago Bears fans could actually believe Nagy, but to an extent

Sure, Dalton might start Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams. However, chances are, Dalton becomes the sacrificial lamb for a sooner-than-planned Fields revelation. Does that mean we might just believe what Nagy is telling the truth?

Different than the skeptic we just talked about, this type of fan might actually believe Dalton will start instead of just worrying about potential outcomes. This type of reaction says, “Hey, I believe you. But it won’t last long,” and that opinion is a pretty concrete one.

Nagy’s intentions might be completely pure right now, and he might just be honoring the conversations he had with Dalton before the team even drafted Fields. For that, we can give him a bit of a break. That’s called respecting your players — specifically, respecting a veteran.

Fans should be able to understand that Nagy is simply trying to say and do all of the right things at this point in time. It’s June. Training camp hasn’t even begun yet. And, as we’ve already established, anything can happen between now and September.

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So, Nagy’s plan might be a honest-to-God, black and white, orthodox type of plan when working with a veteran and rookie. It very well may be. But, do not be surprised if anything out of the ordinary happens between now and Week 1. Truly, anything can happen.