Chicago Bears: How much should we read into Matt Nagy’s quarterback talk?

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Nagy’s plan may cause much skepticism among Chicago Bears fans

We have seen this story play out before, but not with Nagy. Back in 2017 when the Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky in the first round, they also went out and signed veteran Mike Glennon — and for almost double the cash they’re spending on Dalton.

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Then-head coach John Fox remained committed to Glennon throughout the offseason and ultimately started him in Week 1. But, when Glennon underwhelmed in the early goings of that season, Fox ended up starting Trubisky October 9th against the Minnesota Vikings — and he kept the job for the remainder of that season.

Looking at this year, by comparison, one has to wonder whether or not Pace could be the final decision-maker of the offseason quarterback plan. Similarly, the Bears now have a first-round quarterback on their hands, whom they drafted the same year the team also signed a veteran. Is Nagy being held back? Or, does he truly believe Dalton is the right man for the job going into the season?

The problem with that notion is that, Nagy has to understand Dalton and his Bears will likely lose to the Rams in Week 1. The chances of Dalton doing enough against that Los Angeles defense are slim to none. Furthermore, if the Bears lose Week 1, chances are Nagy goes with Dalton again in Week 2 versus the Bengals. Now, the Bears should be able to handle the Bengals, so a likely scenario is they end up going 1-1 in those first two weeks.

But, if Dalton struggles a bit against Cincinnati like he will against the Rams, then Nagy will start to think about throwing the rookie in there. Week 3 sees Dalton face off against an improved Browns defense — and the Bears could end up 1-2 going into Week 4. Then, it should be Fields time.

But, will it all be worth losing two out of the first three games when the team could have had a better shot with Fields under center?