Chicago Bears: How much should we read into Matt Nagy’s quarterback talk?

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Fans can easily see a way out of Andy Dalton being the Week 1 starter for the Chicago Bears

If you are the brand of fan that has been on the Justin Fields hype train since the moment Chicago drafted him, you can see a way that he beats out Dalton for the job. Despite Nagy’s words looking like they have been etched in concrete, there is still a way for Fields to alter that plan.

These are the fans that will cherry-pick a part of Nagy’s statement to Collinsworth and stare at it, isolating the part they see as a potential way for Fields to get in there. Take a look at this snippet from Nagy’s conversation with Collinsworth:

"”Again, I can’t predict anything. You know how it goes. There’s so many things that can happen between today and that Week 1…”"

To me, this could look like a way out as the season approaches. If Dalton truly struggles in camp, or even if Fields is clearly just the better quarterback, Nagy can look back at this conversation and point out what he said.

He’s right. There are plenty of things that could happen between now and Week 1. Nagy could be talking about an unforeseen injury, of course, or he could also be talking about one player flat-out taking the job from the other one in training camp. He’s exactly right — he can’t predict anything.

There’s no reason some fans cannot continue holding their ground and believing Fields can win that job in training camp. The head coach said it himself: anything can happen.