Chicago Bears: How much should we read into Matt Nagy’s quarterback talk?

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Chicago Bears minicamp is done and over with, having run this Tuesday through Thursday. With media viewing permitted for certain stretches, fans have gotten plenty of storylines to talk about.

The top of the list is, and always will be, quarterback talk. The Bears had all three quarterbacks in minicamp this week — which is more than one division rival can say, but we won’t go there.

Andy Dalton, rookie Justin Fields and third stringer Nick Foles were present for minicamp. The Bears, for the most part, had a strong, unified showing from their team this week.

The biggest takeaway from this week actually stemmed from an appearance by head coach Matt Nagy on Cris Collinsworth’s podcast.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy doesn’t believe Justin Fields can win the starting job before Week 1.

These words were a bit startling to some fans, as Nagy confirmed that his rookie gunslinger cannot win the starting job in training camp. To confirm those words he spoke to Collinsworth, Nagy reiterated them to Bears media member and fan favorite, Marc “Silvy” Silverman.

For Nagy to be this committed to Dalton prior to training camp even kicks off is a curious concept. There are some fans perturbed by the news, yet some are willing to accept it as a sensible plan from Nagy’s standpoint.

But, just how far should we read into it, one way or another? There are a lot of factors at play, here — not just the 2021 Bears quarterback room. So, exactly how serious should fans take this news? Do we read into it until we drive ourselves insane? If you’re like me, you can relate to one of the following stances on Nagy’s statement.