Chicago Bulls: 5 blockbuster trades to consider this offseason

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The Chicago Bulls could pull off a blockbuster trade involving Russell Westbrook

This idea is purely hypothetical, but the Washington Wizards might still be closer to a rebuild than a championship contender. With Bradley Beal’s future up in the air and a trade still possible, the Wizards might not get back to the postseason next year.

Russell Westbrook has been traded a couple of times in recent years, and another one could be in the cards depending on whether or not the Wizards want to go full-on rebuild if they lose Beal.

In this deal, the Wizards end up with quite a haul for Westbrook. The Bulls send Zach LaVine and Thaddeus Young to Washington while also including Lauri Markkanen via sign-and-trade. In addition, the Bulls send Washington a trio of first rounders.

This would leave the Bulls with a core of Westbrook, Vucevic, Patrick Williams and Coby White. Would Westbrook and Vucevic be enough to compete in the East? That’s debatable. Would the Bulls be even more fun to watch? Of course — Westbrook is as of a must-watch player as there is in the NBA.

Westbrook is a walking, talking triple-double. Teaming up with one of the best centers in the game, who is also a fantastic shooter, could do wonders for the Bulls offense. From here, it’s all about how Donovan and Karnisovas decide to fill in the roster.