Chicago Cubs: 2 players who justified team’s faith, 1 who hasn’t

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Not Justified

Ian Happ has not very good for the Chicago Cubs so far during his 2021 season.

Ian Happ has had an interesting career so far. It has been up and down so far but this year it has been mostly down. The Cubs believe in him but he hasn’t really justified that faith so far. We all know what he can do when he is going good but that needs to happen sooner than later. There are plenty of lesser-known Cubs outfielders who have deserved the playing time more than him. Now, the only way to get him to turn it on is by playing him so it will be interesting to watch.

Happ does have seven home runs which is a decent total but that is about all that is decent when it comes to his offensive numbers. He currently has a .188 average and an OPS of .658. There are 16 RBIs and one stolen base in there as well. It is nothing to write home about, especially when you consider how good he was in 2020. The Cubs would be even better if he climbed back to that level once again.

Happ certainly isn’t going anywhere any time soon but he needs to be better. As mentioned before, the team likes him and he needs to reward them for that. There should be a good amount of faith that he will get back on track at some point.

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The Chicago Cubs have been very impressive so far this season for a variety of reasons. A lot of it has to do with the players not caring what the front office thinks about their chances. It is good to see the guys playing well justify their status and it is fair to criticize Happ while believing he can get it going soon.