Chicago Bulls: 3 under the radar free agent targets

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Target One: Spencer Dinwiddie, PG – Brooklyn Nets

Everything we’ve heard from reports dating back to the trade deadline points to the fact that the Chicago Bulls are interested in Lonzo Ball. I think Lonzo would be a phenomenal signing if they could make it work, but with his asking price in the range of 20 million dollars per year, I am a bit more hesitant to tie that money up with the 2022 free-agent class only a year away.

Spencer Dinwiddie is only 28 years old and even though he is coming off a partial ACL tear that ended his season, he is definitely worth a strong look from the Bulls this summer – especially if his price tag is lower than Lonzo’s.

Statistically, Dinwiddie is a proven scorer. In 2019-20, with Kyrie Irving out most of the year, he averaged 21 points per game along with seven assists to help lead the Nets to the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. Putting another 20 point scorer on the Bulls offense who can also pass the ball would be a tremendous boost to this team that often had inconsistent point guard play.

Additionally, Dinwiddie is also 6’5 which would give the Bulls a bigger guard to pair with Zach Lavine and overall improving the Bulls’ defense. The one area where he lacks is his three-point shooting as he shot 31 percent in his last full season. However, the Bulls won’t be relying on him for three-point shooting. They need a reliable facilitator who can put points on the board and take the pressure off Zach to run the entire offense through himself.

If Lonzo’s price tag proves to be too high, I believe it would be in the Chicago Bulls’ best interest to find a reliable veteran who is still in his prime, like Spencer Dinwiddie, and pair him with Zach LaVine as the Bulls look to take a couple of steps further next season.