Cubs: 5 players ranked among MLBTR’s top trade candidates

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Chicago Cubs, Javier Baez
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Javier Baez is one of the most exciting players in the history of the Chicago Cubs.

Javier Baez is one of the key pillars of this organization. They have been so good during his tenure and they have seen him develop as a hitter as good as any player in the league. He has had his slumps but once he figured it out he became an elite player. Once he started to have some more plate discipline, he turned into an MVP-caliber hitter.

He struggled in 2020 but everyone deserves a mulligan for that season. Things got worrisome when he was cold to start 2021 but he has been on fire lately. Javier Baez, as long as he is in his prime, is going to figure it out. He is capable of putting on a show in every facet of the game. His baserunning smarts were on display last week when he forced multiple players to make huge errors which gave him two bases.

Those are the kinds of things that earned Baez the nickname “El Mago”. He is certainly magical out there. He is also an A+ defender at the most important fielding position most of the time which makes him even more valuable. The Cubs are going to try really hard to extend Baez but with his contract expiring at the end of the season, there is cause for concern. With the situation the way that it is, it is fair to keep an eye on him in the trade market.