Chicago Bears: The top 10 most important players of 2021

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Most important Chicago Bears of 2021: Khalil Mack

Just as I said the Bears defense will go as Eddie Jackson goes, the same is true for Khalil Mack. These two guys are the most important defensive players on the field for Chicago in 2021.

For Mack, it is still going to be 100 percent about disrupting the passer. That’s what the Bears need most from him. His dominance back during the 2018 season was one of the main reasons this defense was so good, game in and game out.

Everybody knows that for the past couple of seasons, Mack has not been that same guy. He’s gotten close, but he has not been the total game wrecker he was two years ago. If this team is going to make a run in 2021, Mack has to be elite. He has to be a dominant force and the reason some games are flipped on their heads.

If Mack is as dominant as he was a couple of seasons ago, it will then make everyone else on this roster that much better. His dominance is a big reason why guys like Eddie Jackson and former Bear Kyle Fuller were so good. Disrupting the passer at such a high rate is going to make your secondary look even better.