Chicago Blackhawks: 3 big trade packages for William Nylander

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Chicago Blackhawks, Nikita Zadorov
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The Chicago Blackhawks could be giving up some defensemen to do a deal like this.

The Chicago Blackhawks might be wanting to make a big trade this summer. If it is for a forward of William Nylander’s caliber, they might have to give up some things that they like having. For one, that first-round pick would almost certainly be involved. Now that we know it is the 11th overall pick, they might absolutely be considering moving it.

Ian Mitchell would be the piece they truly don’t like moving but may have to. He is a great young defenseman that has a very bright future. He could even be captain material based on his resume throughout his development. The Leafs would love to add a young prospect like this. He would join their lineup as a cheap young player that has the potential to play big minutes.

Nikita Zadorv getting traded here could help both teams. He is an RFA that doesn’t really fit what the Blackhawks do with this current system. He is also an RFA that is probably looking to make a decent amount of money. The Leafs could pay him with the Nylander money and have another defenseman to help them. Getting two NHL defensemen and a first for Nylander is something they would absolutely consider.