Chicago Blackhawks: 3 big trade packages for William Nylander

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Chicago Blackhawks, Adam Boqvist
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The Chicago Blackhawks certainly would need to pay up to add William Nylander.

The Chicago Blackhawks would just love to add someone like William Nylander into the middle of their top six. He would have an easy transition into a lineup as the Hawks have. Their system isn’t that good but that is just a reflection of the coach. He is an offensive-minded player that can thrive with a group that likes to trade chances. The Blackhawks paying a steep price to get him might help them score enough to win more.

First-round picks have pretty much been useless to the Blackhawks since they last won a playoff series in 2015. They have mostly either made bad selections or traded away the players they do draft. That is why getting someone like Nylander with the pick might be a good idea. Sending the second-round pick that the Golden Knights gave them with it would also be worth it.

As for Adam Boqvist, that kid is never going to succeed with the current edition of the Blackhawks. He is an offensive-minded defenseman that is horrible in his own end. He also isn’t that good offensively to justify it either.

The Leafs might be able to put him in a better position to succeed and they need more production from their back end in general. The Hawks just need better defensemen overall and ones that aren’t soft on pucks. A change of scenery might be good for both sides.