Chicago Bears: The 5 most polarizing players on current roster

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The most polarizing Chicago Bears of 2021: Allen Robinson

Talk about causing anxiety within the fan base. Allen Robinson is clearly a top-tier receiver, but general manager Ryan Pace may not be so sure about that. There seems to be a divide between what Pace thinks about Robinson and how the fans view him.

First of all, let me just say that I have seen some fans on social media talk about how Robinson is not worth keeping around. There is no logical argument that anybody could fathom which backs up that opinion. The fact is, Robinson should be sticking around long-term.

But, with the way Pace has handled things the past year, is it inevitable that Robinson leaves next year? This entire situation has felt tense and just plain wrong. If Robinson balls out in 2021, there should be no reason why Pace doesn’t hand his agent a blank check. But, will Pace have the guts to do that?

For whatever reason, it doesn’t feel like Pace will keep Robinson around. It also feels like Robinson will want out of Chicago no matter what happens this year. This may be Robinson’s last season with the Bears, sadly enough.

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The only thing we can hope for now is that the Bears play Fields earlier rather than later and that he and Robinson create a strong bond. Maybe, just maybe, that helps Robinson’s chances of staying in Chicago.