Chicago Bears: The 5 most polarizing players on current roster

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The most polarizing Chicago Bears of 2021: Anthony Miller

Maybe the luckiest guy on the roster right now, Anthony Miller is still a Bear. But, as we all know by now, the team “doesn’t need him.”

Miller could have been traded at one point in the last couple of months, but the Bears didn’t find a deal the liked. He also could have been released, however a recent injury to rookie Dazz Newsome seems to have cemented his spot on the roster at least through the summer months.

It’s a tough situation because Miller is clearly talented. He’s done some things in the past that make you understand why the Bears took him in the second round back in 2018. He can be great after the catch and also will make some incredible catches in practice. But, can he put it all together on game day? That’s the question.

The other big question with Miller is whether or not his attitude and immaturity are worth keeping him around. He has an ego problem, and until he can humble himself, grow up a little bit and learn how to be a pro, he’ll be viewed as the same guy he’s been for three years now.

It will be a storyline to watch as the summer rolls on and when Newsome gets healthy. The Bears have a lot of options at receiver, in terms of who they can keep on their final roster. Will Miller make the cut?