Chicago Bears: The 5 most polarizing players on current roster

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We have now entered the portion of the offseason where fans are as antsy for football as ever. The Chicago Bears have been through rookie minicamp and now some OTA work, and training camp is just weeks away at this point.

It feels like a decade since the Bears were dominant, but that was just a couple of years ago. Because of the ineptitude of Chicago’s offense, people forget just how good this core was in recent years.

There are a few players on this roster which fans and media love to talk about, and some who were part of that incredible run in 2018 which need to show up again in a big way in 2021.

When you talk about these polarizing players, you talk about guys who people often debate or criticize. These are players in which fans, media and critics have differing opinions on and may be split in terms of their overall assessment. The Bears do not lack in this department, and if they are to make a big run this year, these players have to show up in a big way.

The most polarizing Chicago Bears of 2021: Khalil Mack

One of the worst takes I’ve seen amongst some Bears fans is that Khalil Mack has become overrated and is no longer elite. Some think that it all boils down to sack numbers, but that’s simply not the case.

However, here we are. Some people don’t believe Mack is still an elite player in this league. They will admit he’s still a great player, but not elite.

So, here’s the question: will Mack do enough in 2021 to shut all of his critics up?

Granted, the 2018 season was arguably the best of his career Mack went on a streak of five straight games with a sack fumble. He was a complete game-wrecker that year, and we haven’t quite seen the same level of dominance since then.

There’s also the argument that Mack is held more than just about any other player in the league, which the film would support. The tape will absolutely tell you Mack is held several times per game. But, at some point, he’s got to prove he is still stronger and faster than every opposing lineman he faces.

I have a feeling 2021 is going to be a season where Mack reminds people just how much of a force he can be. Those who now say the Bears may not have won the Mack trade a few years back are going to be in for a stark reminder of just how ferocious this man is.