Chicago Cubs: 3 reasons the team can’t be sellers now

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Reason #3

Fans shouldn’t accept the Chicago Cubs rebuilding at this point in time.

If you’re a Cubs fan looking at this roster and how they’re performing relative to the talent they have, there’s no justifying a rebuild after this season. Even if the Cubs have a lackluster second half of the season, there’s too much talent to ignore.

As I said it’s unlikely the Cubs will retain all four of their young stars but they really should be willing to open up the checkbook for these players. It’s unthinkable to Cubs fans to see Rizzo in another uniform. The same goes for Baez.

Even if Rizzo underperformed last season, he’s owed some gratitude for being the face of this franchise and the hope during the rebuild leading up to the 2016 run. Justify it as a Kobe Bryant-style final contract with the Lakers, it’s definitely deserved.

I’d love to be optimistic and say that the Ricketts family will change their tune and spend like no other this offseason to keep the core together and this team competitive. Most likely, either Rizzo or Bryant is gone and it may be both.

As unthinkable as it sounds, I wouldn’t put it past this team to try and say they just didn’t have the money. The performance of these players is not something they can use as an excuse. They’re showing every day that they can still compete for the division even with less talent around them.

There are some tough decisions ahead for the Ricketts this offseason but if they start the rebuild at the trade deadline, it’s something fans shouldn’t accept. The team will likely still be competing for the division.

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If the team is gutted again, it’s time for fans to stop showing up as they did in the early 2010s. It’s the only way to show ownership that fans won’t accept a profitable but losing team anymore.