Chicago Bears: 5 players facing crucial contract years in 2021

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Chicago Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller is facing a crucial 2021 season

Like Hicks, wide receiver Anthony Miller is likely entering his final season with the Bears. But, how will he go out?

For a while this offseason, the word was that Chicago wanted to try and trade Miller. But, they couldn’t come up with a deal they liked. So, Miller stuck around.

But, his potential replacement was drafted this spring in North Carolina’s Dazz Newsome. Immediately after the Newsome pick, folks started wondering if this was the end of Miller’s tenure in Chicago, even if it wasn’t via trade. Miller could have just been released. The message has been clear in the past few weeks that the Bears don’t need Miller — or do they?

At this moment, it appears a smart decision that the Bears decided to hang onto Miller. The rookie Newsome broke his collarbone a couple of days ago, so Miller’s chance at keeping his slot job just increased for 2021. Now, Miller doesn’t face as much competition and he’s got to take full advantage.

Since entering the league, Miller’s attitude and effort have been in question. His character has always been in question. Whether it’s barking at someone on the field or dropping a pass, Miller’s time in Chicago has been numbered for a while now. It’s safe to say that, like Hicks, Miller is playing for a future contract elsewhere.