Chicago Bears: 5 players facing crucial contract years in 2021

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The Chicago Bears are entering a season in which certain, key members of their current team may be in their last season together. For a couple of years now, this roster has been ready to win.

All the team has needed is a quarterback — and now they’re hoping they have one in Justin Fields. But, by the time he gets comfortable as a pro within the next couple of years, there will be plenty of new faces surrounding him.

If Fields comes along nicely as a rookie, this season will be as good a chance as any for the Bears to make a playoff run. The team has much continuity on both sides of the ball.

But, going into the 2022 offseason, the Bears will have to make some big decisions. That continuity may not last in specific areas, whether it be due to financial reasons or other concerns.

The Chicago Bears will not look the same after 2021, as some key members face crucial seasons which impact their future.

This coming season is a big one for many within the Bears organization. Believe it or not, it’s still a big season for head coach Matt Nagy. After a couple of years not having the right quarterback for his playbook, he now has a bright, young rookie to mold. How he does with Fields during this rookie season will impact his future quite a bit.

Aside from Nagy, there are many players whose future depends heavily on the 2021 season. The Bears have several starters who may not return to the team in 2022, even if they play well. Money will be an issue going forward, but so will the age of some of these guys.

There are five Bears in particular who face a highly important season in 2021, starting with one of the Bears’ top picks from the 2018 draft class.