Chicago Bears: 5 reasons why Jay Cutler was completely wrong about the Bears QB situation

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Issue Five: Playing the better QB energizes the entire team

One thing I was hoping Cutler would touch on during his interview but was not able to, was the impact of the quarterback position on the performance of other players on the team. It is no secret that the Bears’ defense regressed, but part of that was because the defense put so much pressure on itself to create plays and even score points to make up for the anemic offense.

If Justin Fields proves to be the better quarterback in camp, his insertion into the starting lineup is sure to energize the whole team, but in particular, the defense who will now strive to play with the same ferociousness we saw in 2018.

Additionally, it’s important to note that this is all contingent on Fields beating out Dalton in camp. If Fields needs more time, then it’s obvious that Dalton should start. However, if Fields is better, Nagy holding back the better quarterback in favor of the veteran is sure to cause dissension among players in the locker room.

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Ultimately, I understand what Cutler was trying to say regarding the Chicago Bears’ QB situation, but many of his comments do not pertain to Justin Fields or the Bears’ situation in 2021. In fact, the situation Cutler described is more applicable to Zach Wilson in New York. The Bears are completely different as Fields was drafted to join a playoff-caliber roster which is seeing multiple key players return off injury and other notable ones joining via free agency and the draft.

All in all, I believe what Cutler was trying to do with his comments was highlight what is expected of NFL QBs and explain why young QBs should not be rushed to start. However, in breaking down these expectations, I believe he inadvertently made the case for why Justin Fields may already be prepared and why he should be out on the field as early as week 1 for the Chicago Bears if he’s ready.