Chicago Bears: 5 reasons why Jay Cutler was completely wrong about the Bears QB situation

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Issue Four: Cutler doesn’t realize that this is the championship window

The theme of Cutler’s interview with Waddle and Silvy was patience. He pushed for a cautious approach with Fields and said that it is not worth risking Fields’ long-term development to satisfy fans’ short-term excitement right now.

"“I’ve always just been on the side of what’s 10 games, what’s a season in the grand scheme of this kid’s career. If you believe he’s the guy, then get everything set up so when he’s in there he’s supported and can make things happen the way he should instead of battling through all this stuff and seeing ghosts five years from now or three years from now.” – Jay Cutler via Waddle and Silvy"

In a vacuum, I actually do agree with Jay here. In the grand scheme of his career, 10 games or a season does not mean much. However, for this team right now, this year means a great deal. First off, I believe Fields is already set up to be supported this year contrary to what Cutler believes. The team has taken steps to fix the issues across the offensive line, they get Tarik Cohen back off injury, and promising rookies like Cole Kmet and Darnell Mooney are poised to have bigger roles in year two.

Additionally, Fields is on his rookie contract – the importance of which cannot be understated. Every year of that contract is a year of the Bears championship window, especially with their defense getting older in a hurry. As tough as it might be for rookie QBs, the pressure they face to win in the first five years is likely the highest they will experience throughout their entire careers.

Furthermore, if Fields goes out there and balls as a rookie, it helps the Bears recruit quality free agents who may take less money to have a chance to be competitive. Fields being successful has a ripple effect throughout the organization and changes the lens through which other players see the Chicago Bears. If he’s ready to be out there in week 1, then by all means he needs to be out there because time is of the essence right now in Chicago.