Chicago Blackhawks: 3 risky trade packages for Seth Jones

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Chicago Blackhawks, Seth Jones
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The Hawks would change the perception of their franchise if they added Seth Jones.

It would be really tough to make a trade like this but it might be worth it. Getting Seth Jones signed to an extension would make it totally worth it. The Hawks would have to give up a first-round pick no matter what else goes with it so they might as well do it in 2021. This draft is not as deep as other years and the scouting has also been a bit off compared to normal years because of COVID-19. Outside of the top picks, it is a gamble no matter who you take even more than any other draft.

Nicolas Beaudin and Ian Mitchell are both players that are seen as future pieces on the Chicago Blackhawks blue line. They were both taken somewhat early in the NHL Draft and have pretty high ceilings. You also have to imagine that their floor is much lower than a guy like Seth Jones who has the potential to be a top-ten defenseman.

In the case of Ian Mitchell, he very well could be the next captain after Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are gone. This guy seems to get the C no matter where he goes and has incredible leadership potential. However, you give that up if it means landing a stud like Jones.