Chicago Bears: 3 early 2022 free agent targets to think about

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chris Godwin, Chicago Bears
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Target 1: Chris Godwin, WR – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chris Godwin would be a great addition to the Chicago Bears wide receiver core.

Allen Robinson has his quarterback now. The Bears finally gave him his first real QB and yet, I still feel that they will not be able to come to a deal. In fact, the sheer lack of extensions the Bears handed out to current players going into contract years speaks to the fact that they are eyeing the 2022 class of free agents.

Even after Tarik Cohen took less to help the Bears keep Robinson, the two sides were not able to come to a deal indicating that the two sides are too far apart. However, the Bears need a number one wide receiver and even though he has shown promise, Darnell Mooney is not quite there yet.

A true number one receiver is likely going to cost north of 19 to 20 million dollars average annual value over the next four to five seasons and if the Bears are going to commit that type of money to a WR, I believe it should be to Chris Godwin, perhaps even more so than Allen Robinson.

Chris Godwin makes sense for a lot of reasons as a top free-agent priority for the Bears. He is currently 25 years old which means by the end of a five-year contract, he would still be in his prime. Additionally, Godwin has a 4.4 speed which will provide Nagy with someone with the same route running capabilities as Robinson but with more top-line speed.

Lastly, Godwin is a Super Bowl champion. He has been around Tom Brady and understands what it takes to win in this league. He also played in a crowded receiver room that built a culture that prioritized winning over individual accolades. The Bears will undoubtedly look to get younger in 2022 and finding an athlete like Godwin who combines youth with championship experience provides a rare combination they desperately need.