Chicago Bears: 5 mind-blowing Justin Fields statistics

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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields was as consistent as it gets in college

Fields was one of just two quarterbacks to earn a grade of 90 or higher over the last three seasons. The other quarterback? Trevor Lawrence.

It’s still comical that Fields slipped all the way to no. 11 when some of the world’s experts had him right up there with Lawrence in so many areas. For the longest time, it was Lawrence and Fields. Everybody knew those guys were going first and second overall.

Then, for some reason, Fields began to slip. Other than Todd McShay picking on his three bad games (his only three bad games, mind you) it’s tough to see why he fell. The Bears didn’t just draft a guy with a flash of experience and greatness in college, like they saw in Trubisky once upon a time.

Fields was not just a 1-year starter like Mac Jones and Trey Lance. This kid is the real deal in every aspect of the game. He’s played against the best competition college football has to offer, and he played well on the big stage.

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The Bears drafted a seasoned, proven quarterback in Fields. We are in uncharted territory as Bears fans, so let’s all sit back and enjoy it.