Chicago Bears: 5 mind-blowing Justin Fields statistics

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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields knows how to move the chains

In recent years, Bears fans have grown tired of seeing a few things from their quarterbacks. One of Trubisky’s signature moves was scrambling towards the sideline and then taking a couple of steps backwards out of bounds, losing yardage instead of simply throwing it away.

When it came to moving the chains, that signature move didn’t exactly help the cause.

As previously mentioned, as well, Foles had a hard time throwing a pass too deep. Most cases, it was off the mark. Fortunately, moving the chains just got easier for the Bears.

Fields graded at 97.6 on throws past the sticks last year — better than any other draft-eligible quarterback in his class.

Going back to our previous point a bit, this isn’t something we’ve seen a lot from the Bears. Much of the offense has been fairly conservative due to the Bears’ quarterbacks not taking a lot of shots. More often than not, throws have come in front of the first down markers — even on crucial third down plays.

Fields isn’t afraid to try and move the chains, and he’s good at it.