Chicago Bears: 5 mind-blowing Justin Fields statistics

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When the Chicago Bears moved up to draft Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft, fans went wild, and justifiably so.

General manager Ryan Pace had just done something that every fan was hoping for, yet probably a small minority actually thought could happen.

Well, it happened alright, and for now Pace is a hero — something he hasn’t been considered for a couple of years now. At least in most fans’ minds, Pace has brought the fan base back in and given them hope.

The casual football fan may know Fields’ name, but that’s about it. Some may not know just how good he was, especially considering his fall in this year’s draft.

The Chicago Bears may have stolen Justin Fields in this year’s draft, based on some startling numbers.

For those fans who are excited about the Bears but don’t know much about Fields, the analytics should open some eyes. We can listen to the couple of analysts who may have assisted in Fields’ slipping in the draft, but those guys don’t tell the whole story.

Digging into Pro Football Focus’ numbers and grades on Fields, the findings were staggering. Not everyone takes what PFF says as the law, nor should they. Every analytics and statistics outlet has their flaws, but PFF is one of the best in the business and they do their homework.

When we’re talking about Fields, he was one of those PFF darlings. These guys loved what Fields did at Ohio State. Some of their findings will blow your mind, in fact.

These five statistics should get fans even more excited for the coming season.