Chicago Bulls: Free agent point guards to compete with Coby White

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Free agent point guards to compete with Chicago Bulls starter Coby White: Lonzo Ball

Lastly, the Bulls could wipe out any point guard concerns by throwing a bunch of money at New Orleans Pelicans restricted free agent Lonzo Ball.

For a while now, there have been rumors that the Pelicans could trade Ball, but nothing has come to fruition. That leads a lot of people to believe the Pelicans won’t match an offer this summer.

Ball is about to get paid — and likely overpaid. However, he’s exactly the type of point guard the Bulls are in need of. Chicago has plenty of scorers already. What they desperately need is someone who is comfortable running the offense and plays strong defense. In a nutshell, that’s Ball.

Not only is Ball a great defender and a smart point guard who sees the court well, but he improved his shooting last year. Ball is developing more of his shooting game as he matures, and if he continues down that path, he’ll be one of the better point guards in the league sooner or later. This past season, he shot a career-high 37.8 percent from three.

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Maybe Ball isn’t quite an All Star yet, and he might not ever get to that point. But, he does so many things consistently. Between the way he sees the court and how strong a defender he is, Ball is well-worth paying this summer. He could be the missing piece in a Bulls playoff run next year.