Chicago Blackhawks: 3 trades to make with West playoff teams

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Chicago Blackhawks, Nikita Zadorov
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The Chicago Blackhawks would be much better off trading Nikita Zadorov.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild have had an intense rivalry over the years. Between the two teams, there have been some awesome players like Patrick Kane, Zach Parise, Jonathan Toews, Ryan Suter, Duncan Keith, and Mikko Koivu amongst others that made it so much fun to watch. They met in the playoffs a few times in a row and it was always fun to watch.

Now, the Wild are near the top of the standings while the Hawks try to get back there. They don’t really make deals too often being division rivals but this might be a time to consider it. Nikita Zadorov is not a good fit on the Chicago Blackhawks because of their playstyle but he might fit in better on a really good Minnesota defense.

The Wild are probably more in danger of losing a good defenseman in the expansion draft more than any team in the league. That is why they might consider someone like Zadorov in a trade. He is an RFA so they would have to figure out the contract. The Hawks receiving a second-round pick from anyone would be smart. This is the type of trade that could really help both teams depending on how their offseasons go.