Chicago Bears: 3 veterans who can still be cut for cap space

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Chicago Bears, Anthony Miller
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Anthony Miller has pretty much been a bust for the Chicago Bears offense.

The Chicago Bears have had some bad luck with wide receivers over the years. There have been some good ones but there have also been some that didn’t ever work out. Anthony Miller is one of those guys for them. He had a lot of hype with them going into his career but he never lived up to it at all. If they wanted to save a bit of money, they would strongly consider cutting him now.

Miller’s current cap hit is currently at 1.7 million and if they cut him they would save around 1.2 million. It isn’t a whole lot but it is something. The Bears might be looking to add more to an area of need by saving that money and nobody would blame them for it. They also might just look for a better wide receiver in his place.

They are going to have Allen Robinson there for the 2021 season at a minimum. They also have Darnell Mooney who has been a really nice find in the latter portion of the 2020 NFL Draft. Cutting Miller would not hurt their chances to win at all.

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The Chicago Bears have the luxury of a few players that could save them money just by letting them go. Of course, they would need to be okay with whatever they have to replace them but most of them are replaceable to some degree.