Chicago Bulls: Chandler Hutchison attempts worst troll job in history

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

While the Chicago Bulls will be watching the 2021 NBA Playoffs from home, a couple of former Bulls will be in the mix with their new team.

After the Washington Wizards tore up the Indiana Pacers to earn the Eastern Conference’s eighth and final playoff seed, they will be facing the no. 1 seeded Philadelphia 76ers in the opening round.

Earlier this season, the Bulls traded a couple of players over to Washington who now have the opportunity for some postseason minutes.

The Bulls traded center Daniel Gafford and forward Chandler Hutchison to Washington in a deal that sent back Troy Brown and Moritz Wagner to Chicago. While Gafford has actually been great for the Wizards, Hutchison has hardly played — yet he still attempted something very, very foolish.

Former Chicago Bulls forward Chandler Hutchison took to social media and attempted a poorly-executed troll job.

Following the Wizards’ win over the Pacers, Hutchison went on social media and posted a video of himself laughing and smiling, pointing a finger at the camera, with one particular caption.

"”When you get traded and you help your new team to the playoffs (laughing emojis)”"

On one hand, yes, it’s a great feeling to make it to the postseason. Every player deserves to get the opportunity to compete in the NBA Playoffs. However, for Hutchison to post such a video after averaging just 13.8 minutes of play per game is hysterical.

Hutchison posted 5.3 points per game on a miserable 37.9 percent shooting to go along with 3.1 rebounds, and a fraction of a block, assist and steal per game. Hutchison also earned a defensive rating of 111 per Basketball Reference — just a couple of points better than notoriously bad defender, Zach LaVine.

To say Hutchison “helped” his new team get to the postseason is completely laughable. It’s a joke. The only reason that team is even in the postseason is because Russell Westbrook makes a triple-double look as easy as making a sandwich — not because of anything Hutchison has done.

He’s understandably happy, but metaphorically pointing a finger at the Bulls organization and saying he was anything but a second-tier role player? That’s ludicrous. It’s not just disrespectful to the Bulls, but to himself. He clearly doesn’t understand how little he had to do with the Wizards’ playoff push.

In fact, the only reason he ended up playing 20 minutes in that win over Indiana the other day was because it was a complete blowout. Otherwise, he’s been an afterthought on that team. He was an afterthought on the Bulls, too, and hardly even played this season after being out indefinitely for personal reasons.

What’s going to be even funnier than his attempted troll job is when he and the Wizards get bounced in the first round by an overpowering 76ers team who won’t even blink whilst moving onto the second round.

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Hutchison may as well pop a squat on his former teammates’ couch and watch the remainder of the playoffs while he goes back to being that same exact afterthought. Then, we’ll see if Hutchison is laughing.