Chicago Bears: There is one perfect game to start Justin Fields

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The Chicago Bears have been disastrous at the quarterback position for a very long time. It has been well documented as they have tried and failed to make it right more than once. The latest edition of trying to make it right will come in the form of Justin Fields. This one feels just a bit different because of his style and the talents he brings to the table. He was a dynamic player at Ohio State so the Bears are hoping that he can bring some of that to their organization.

The Chicago Bears have a lot of faith in the future of Justin Fields going forward.

The Bears signed Andy Dalton not long before the draft and the fanbase didn’t take it well. It makes sense because it just felt like another short-term band-aid that wasn’t going to work. Now, the quarterback room has Fields, Dalton, and Nick Foles (who was acquired from the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2020 offseason).

The question for the Bears now is whether or not the Bears will use Justin Fields early in the season. There are people on both sides of the argument but there seems to be one great week to start him based on a few different things.

The Chicago Bears should start Andy Dalton in week one against the Los Angeles Rams on the road. That is probably the best defense that Chicago will face all season long so it is smarter to let a veteran like Dalton handle them. Chances are that things aren’t going to go great for the Bears there on Sunday night football, so there might be a change not long after that.

Week two will see Chicago come home to play the Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow’s squad is going to be looking to improve in 2021 but they certainly don’t jump off the page as contenders just yet. Burrow is very good and he could get them there eventually but it may take another year or two. That is the perfect game to start Fields for the first time in his NFL career.

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Fields making a start against one of the weaker teams on the schedule is the perfect way to get his feet wet in the league. It will be nice for him to not have someone like Aaron Donald chasing him around all night. It will also give Bears fans a chance to see this guy play for the first time at home where Soldier Field is sure to be rocking for the first time since the end of 2019. Regardless of when that Fields debut actually comes, it is going to be exciting to watch.