Chicago Bulls: 3 reasons Zach LaVine deserves max contract extension

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Zach LaVine has established himself as a leader amongst his Chicago Bulls teammates

Over the last few years with the Bulls, LaVine has obviously improved each season. But, the underlying factor that sometimes gets overlooked is how he has devoted every ounce of himself to the city and his teammates.

LaVine cares about winning, and he cares about his teammates. He’s played the game with passion night-in and night-out, and finally he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The future of the Bulls is bright, despite not making the playoffs this year.

He has become the leader of this roster, and every single player knows it. He’s put in the work to establish himself as the guy every one of his teammates can trust when it matters most. Not only that, but the addition of Nikola Vucevic helped boost his impact on the team’s culture.

LaVine was thrilled after the Vucevic trade, feeling as though he finally had a front office that cared about winning. He and Vucevic are becoming the duo which leads this team and in which the culture is built upon.

If LaVine were allowed to find a max deal elsewhere, the Bulls would essentially be back to square one. They would have just one star player and a bunch of role players, well on their way to another losing season. The only way to continue going forward is to give LaVine what he’s rightfully earned.