Chicago Bears: Jalen Ramsey already providing bulletin board material

Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

This coming season, the Chicago Bears will face off against the Los Angeles Rams for the fourth year in a row. Last year, it didn’t exactly go the way Chicago wanted.

The Bears were dominated in every sense by the Rams in late October, as Los Angeles won by a score of 24-10. Chicago didn’t even score an offensive touchdown in this one.

At one point during the game, though, Bears wideout Darnell Mooney looked like he was about to make an enormous play. The Bears were beginning a drive right around their own 5-yard line and nearly went 95 yards in one play. You can see a clip of the play here.

Mooney shook Rams corner Jalen Ramsey and was wide open, sprinting down the outside of the field. Unfortunately, Nick Foles overthrew Mooney by a mile and it fell incomplete. If the pass would have been on target, Mooney scores on a lengthy play.

Chicago Bears fans won’t let Jalen Ramsey forget that play.

Over the last few days, Bears fans have been chirping at Ramsey on social media. They are using the clip of Mooney running past Ramsey to try and get under Ramsey’s skin. Well, it’s safe to say they have done just that, because Ramsey’s recent Instagram story revealed some frustration.

"“Can’t wait til week 1 so all these lame a** Bears fans can stfu about they number 2 wr … it’s funny kus they know better too”"

Ramsey included a few laughing emojis here and there in his story as well, but you get the point. He is clearly sick of all the talk about that play that never really meant anything in the end, anyways.

The end of that short post obviously insinuates that Bears fans know better than to try and throw Ramsey off his game. After all, he is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL and not a guy you want playing angry.

Nonetheless, it makes for some excellent bulletin board material and motivation for Mooney throughout the summer. Any coach or player will tell you that, once they get the official schedule, they already begin preparing for that Week 1 opponent just a little more than others.

Mooney will have a lot to think on over the summer as he gets ready to take on Ramsey and that vaunted Rams defense in prime time. Who knows, maybe Mooney even has a certain rookie quarterback throwing to him that night?

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Seeing Justin Fields start immediately against the Rams could change things drastically, because if Mooney makes a move like that again, Fields makes that throw. There’s no question. Ramsey better be ready, or he could get put on skates once again.