Chicago Bears: Top 5 quotes from Justin Fields’ rookie minicamp

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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields knows he’ll always be in the spotlight

"“I’m made for this. I’m built for this.”"

This might be one of the most talked-about quotes from over the weekend. Fields was asked about being in the spotlight, in a competition and playing for a team that’s been starved of great quarterback play for years.

His response was golden. It was simple, yet spoke a thousand words at the same time.

The thing people need to realize about Fields is that he is not only under the spotlight due to being drafted by a team like the Bears. Sure, Chicago has not had an All Pro quarterback who has thrown for 4,000 yards. The all-time franchise passing records are pretty bleak. Fields knows the position he’s stepping into as far as the Bears are concerned.

But, he’s also in the spotlight for another very important reason: Ohio State quarterbacks don’t pan out in the NFL. He’s heard all about this notion — probably too much.

Talk about playing with a chip on his shoulder, under a microscope and in an enormous spotlight. Fields checks all of those boxes. He has a ton of weight to carry on his shoulders, but his simple response says it all. He’s built for this.