Chicago Bears: Top 5 quotes from Justin Fields’ rookie minicamp

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This weekend, the Chicago Bears held rookie minicamp for the 2021 NFL Draft class and fellow undrafted rookies.

To no one’s surprise, every eye was glued to rookie quarterback Justin Fields. There wasn’t a moment he didn’t absorb center stage.

For Bears fans and media, this weekend was big. It was the first time we saw Fields in a Bears uniform, the first time we saw him throw and the first time we heard from him post-practice. This was monumental.

The fan base hasn’t been this excited about a quarterback, probably, since the team traded for Jay Cutler over a decade ago. But this excitement hits differently. This time, it’s a highly-touted, experienced rookie whom the team traded up to get — and by all accounts, could be one of the most special players in team history.

The expectations were high, but Fields and his rookie teammates delivered.

Fans obviously couldn’t be part of watching practices, but the few videos we did get to see were energizing (albeit for only a 24-hour period before they were forced to be pulled).

There was one simple throw Fields made to Dazz Newsome that made its way around social media, and fans couldn’t have been more joyous in seeing it. The play was nothing special, but watching Fields throw a pass wearing a Bears helmet seemed surreal.

We’re all still pinching ourselves a bit, wondering if this is real. After all, Bears fans don’t get nice things when it comes to the quarterback position. If we think we’ve gotten something of the sort, it vanishes before our very eyes.

But again, this time feels different. Fields’ entire presence over the weekend hit differently as we watched him speak following practice and heard reports from media over these few days.

There were several moments when Fields was speaking that caused fans to stop and just enjoy the moment. Five quotes, in particular, stood out more than the others.