Chicago Bears Schedule Release: Full 2021 schedule leaks

Ahead of the NFL released their full 2021 NFL Regular Season schedule on Wednesday night, the full regular season scheduled for the Chicago Bears has leaked for the 2021 season. Danny Parkins of 670 The Score has been all over the leaks for the Bears’ 2021 regular seasons and was the first to leak the full slate of games for the Bears.

The biggest takeaway from the full 2021 regular season schedule for the Bears is that the team has a total of five primetime games. The amount of primetime games that the Bears have in 2021 is an indicator that the NFL fully believes that Justin Fields will be the Bears’ starting quarterback by at least midway through the season.

One game that Fields may have circled on his calendar is the Week 8 game against the San Francisco 49ers. During the 2021 NFL Draft, the 49ers overlooked Fields in favor of North Dakota State product Trey Lance. Fields could be looking to give the 49ers’ the Patrick Mahomes treatment from when the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback taunted the Bears during a game after throwing a touchdown pass.

This schedule for the Chicago Bears makes it feasible that Justin Fields could be the Week 1 starter.

For as much nonsensical talk that there has been regarding the idea that the Bears need to hide Fields during the team’s Week 1 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. It’s worth noting that the next five games after Week 1 are against mediocre defenses at best. Furthering the logical idea that there is no reason for Fields to not be the Bears’ starting quarterback at the start of the season.

The encouraging sign is that there is no gauntlet stretch of games for the Bears during the 2021 regular season. The Bears’ strength of schedule heading into the 2021 NFL Regular Season schedule was among the worst but the “tough games” are spread out throughout the season as opposed to in a consecutive stretch. That makes it much more likely for the Bears to avoid a six-game losing streak like the one they had during the 2020 NFL Regular Season.

In regards to the Bye Week, it could not be at a better time for the Bears. The Bears’ bye week during the 2021 regular season is in Week 10 and that is about as close to the halfway point of the regular season that a team can get. With a team that has aging veterans on defense in the form of Akiem Hicks and Danny Trevathan, a bye week halfway through the season is the perfect time to recharge the batteries for a run during the second half of the season.

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