Chicago Bears Schedule: 3 best opposing quarterbacks in 2021

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The Chicago Bears will face Matthew Stafford in week one of the 2021 NFL season.

As mentioned before, the Bears get the NFC West division this year. That also means that they are playing the Los Angeles Rams yet again. It seems like these two are just destined to meet each other in the regular season every year even though things need to fall in the right place for that to happen. It just so happens that it has fallen in place for these two teams to meet in recent years.

This time around, however, the Rams will have a completely different look. That is because Jared Goff is no longer their quarterback. Instead, they have Matthew Stafford ready to take over. He has been an NFC North foe for his entire career as a member of the Detroit Lions. He was always having big seasons there but the team around him was a dumpster fire. Now is his chance to prove he can be an elite quarterback on a good team as the Rams look like a legit Super Bowl contender.

Stafford and the Rams will be hosting the Bears in Week One (September 12th) on primetime. Sunday Night Football will host these two once again as they try to get their season off on the right foot. The Bears know a lot about Stafford as an opponent but this will be their first time playing against him on a truly elite team. It should be fun to watch as we kick off the 2021 Bears season.

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You might notice that Aaron Rodgers is not listed. He would be on this list if he was a lock to be on the Green Bay Packers. You can’t say with certainty that he will be so he misses the cut. Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray were in consideration to go on instead of Stafford but the new team factor makes it seem like he is going to be amazing. This could be the first time we see Trey Lance play for the San Francisco 49ers as well. It would be even better if Justin Fields was on the other side. Quarterbacks rule the NFL and the Bears will see plenty of great ones in 2021.