Chicago Bears Schedule Leaks: Thanksgiving Day game confirmed

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Just a few months ago, it would have been hard to believe the NFL schedule composers would give the Chicago Bears a handful of prime time games.

Yet, the 2021 NFL Draft provided quite the swing in terms of creating said schedule.

The Bears went up and snagged Justin Fields to be their next franchise quarterback, and from that moment on, the schedule makers had a lot more thinking to do.

Already, we have heard of two schedule leaks before the entire year’s matchups are released tonight.

The Chicago Bears look like they will be on the national stage quite a few times in 2021.

The first official leak came on Tuesday when Danny Parkins broke the news of the Bears opening their season in Los Angeles against the Rams on Sunday Night Football. This now makes it four years in a row that the Bears and Rams will have met during prime time.

The second schedule leak came from a more unofficial source, but it looks as though the Bears could host the Minnesota Vikings in Week 15 on Monday Night Football. The Bears and Vikings always provide us with some memorable games, and typically play in prime time once per season, so this is fairly believable.

Now, we’ve gotten a third schedule leak — the second one that’s been officially confirmed.

Bears fans will have even more to be thankful this year as they get to take the field against their divisional rival Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

It’s only fitting that the Bears and Lions meet on this wonderful holiday. After all, they met in the first-ever NFL game on Thanksgiving Day back in 1934.

This year’s game will look far different than games in recent memory. The Bears, of course, will probably have Fields starting by that time if he doesn’t win the job in training camp. The Lions, meanwhile, will be starting their first season without Matthew Stafford since his rookie year back in 2009. Instead, it is newly-acquired Jared Goff who will be under center for the Lions.

This schedule leak seems to confirm what many have felt for a few days now. The oddsmakers have to know something. They must know what plenty of Bears fans already believe: Andy Dalton will not last long as the Bears starting quarterback. Fields very well might blow the coaching staff away in training camp and win the job.

No matter how he ends up starting, the fact of the matter is, the schedule makers wouldn’t put the Bears in more than one or two prime time games if they didn’t think Fields was going to be the ultimate starter.

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We will find out more tonight, but for now it appears as though fans can begin getting even more jazzed about Fields. This guy is making waves already, and he hasn’t even stepped on the field yet.