Chicago Bears: Comparing Justin Fields to Aaron Rodgers’ college production

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Comparing Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields to Aaron Rodgers’ collegiate rushing prowess

The mobility aspect of each guy is an interesting one, because Rodgers is not a quarterback that will take off and make a lot of plays with his legs. But, Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game when it comes to making plays on the run and extending plays.

Funny enough, college scouts said Rodgers took too many sacks at Cal. However, as an NFL quarterback, he learned quickly how to extend plays and use his legs.

Again, this is looking at collegiate production though. These two couldn’t be more different in this aspect.

In two seasons, Rodgers rushed 160 times for 336 yards (2.1 average) and eight touchdowns. Meanwhile, at Ohio State, Fields rushed 218 times for 867 yards (3.97 average) and 15 touchdowns.

Rodgers was not known as a dual-threat coming out of Cal. Fields is a known commodity on the ground, which is a big reason why he could succeed in the NFL. Being able to take off and make plays with his legs has always been one of the top reasons Fields was successful.

Fields’ scouting reports typically include the ability to pick up tough yardage on the ground, very similar to how Cam Newton used his legs in college. Will Fields’ rushing translate to the NFL?