Chicago Bears: Process of Aaron Rodgers’ exit suddenly beginning?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears fans may actually get their wish with quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his way out in Green Bay.

Just a few days ago, the Bears’ fan base was shocked by news regarding another quarterback. Only this time, the news was in reference to a new quarterback in the city of Chicago.

When general manager Ryan Pace moved up to draft Justin Fields, the tides began shifting more than ever before. Finally, the Bears had their hands on a franchise quarterback the could count on. Before Fields has even taken a snap for the Bears, the expectations and forecasting says he could be the greatest the Bears have ever seen.

Back to the Green Bay Packers, though, as things continue to go from bad to worse.

The Chicago Bears couldn’t possibly see their arch enemy, Aaron Rodgers, leave the NFC North right?

A couple of weeks ago, the reports starting coming out about Rodgers being unhappy with the Packers and quickly progressed to Rodgers reportedly not returning to the team in 2021. According to several reports now, Rodgers wants to be traded or he is threatening to retire.

The other aspect of this report is now stating Rodgers wants current general manager Brian Gutekunst fired. If he is not canned, then Rodgers definitely will not return to the Packers.

Then, reports started surfacing that Rodgers was telling teammates he won’t be back in 2021. Things continued to get even more heated on Thursday morning when ESPN’s Adam Schefter dropped another bomb regarding the Rodgers saga.

It has now gone from the Packers refusing to budge on the situation to Green Bay exploring free agents quarterbacks they can add to their current roster. There could also be potential for the team to trade for a quarterback. Right now, the process has just begun. But, the point is: Green Bay is preparing for life without Rodgers.

Green Bay is preparing for life without Rodgers.

If those words don’t send Bears fans into a state of utter celebration and joy, I don’t know what will. But, the fact is, Chicago might end up having the best quarterback situation in the NFC North pretty soon.

If Rodgers leaves Green Bay, then the Packers will be depending upon second-year, unproven gunslinger Jordan Love whom they drafted last year in the first round. The Detroit Lions have a mediocre situation going on after trading Matthew Stafford and now boasting former top pick Jared Goff.

Then, there’s the Minnesota Vikings who have an underrated Kirk Cousins, yet he constantly folds on the biggest stages and can’t seem to beat the better teams in the NFL.

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Brace yourselves Bears fans. Things are about to get wild in the NFC North, and we’re here for it.