Chicago Bears: One analyst believes “it is Justin Fields’ job to lose”

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Everyone has their own take on how the Chicago Bears are going to handle their current quarterback situation. They just traded up nine spots to select Justin Fields out of Ohio State University. Now, he is part of a quarterback room that currently has Nick Foles and Andy Dalton in it. Dalton was brought in during this offseason so he will be on the roster but nobody knows what will happen with Nick Foles right now.

One analyst thinks that Justin Fields has the Chicago Bears starter job right now.

Andy Dalton was brought in and was told that he is going to be the starting quarterback. However, if Justin Fields is better in training camp and the preseason, he might have the job in no time. We don’t know exactly how it will go at first but one popular analyst believes that it is Fields’ job to lose which is really interesting.

Keyshawn Johnson and Dan Orlovsky were discussing the Chicago quarterback controversy. Johnson believes that Fields can earn the job by winning it. Orlovsky responded by telling him that it is his job to lose and became his job to lose on the night that they drafted him. Orlovsky also believes that Dalton can be good for him in terms of being a mentor.

Now, you can either agree with him or disagree. Keyshawn Johnson’s take seems to make more sense and line up with what the Bears have done historically. However, Orlovsky’s take is certainly interesting and potentially exciting. He is clearly the future of the team so why shouldn’t he be considered the favorite to start in week one? If Aaron Rodgers actually leaves Green Bay, the Bears will have a chance to win the NFC North.

Andy Dalton starting does seem like a good idea for now too. Justin Fields has a whole career ahead of him and he doesn’t need to be thrown out to the wolves if he isn’t ready. However, if he pulls a Russell Wilson and is clearly ready, he should start. It all depends on how things go in between now and the start of the regular season.

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The biggest focus that the Chicago Bears should have in their entire organization right now is the development and comfort of Justin Fields. Dalton is capable of starting games for them (good or bad) if Fields needs time to learn everything about being a starter in the NFL. There is no need to rush him if he can’t handle it. If he can handle it, however, then Dan Orlovsky might be on to something.