Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy already knows that he got his guy in Fields

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The Chicago Bears went out and made major headlines in the 2021 NFL Draft. They traded up from pick 20 to pick 11 to select their quarterback. The decision was made by the Bears to select Justin Fields out of Ohio State University. He was one of the best quarterbacks in college football but NFL GMs fooled themselves into letting him slip away. The Bears finally made the right decision and made the selection. Hopefully, it works out better than the last time they traded up to take a quarterback.

It feels way different than last time for a variety of reasons. One of the big reasons is Matt Nagy. We got on Matt Nagy a lot during the season for being a bad coach. There is no other way to describe it other than he was a bad coach. He was so bad that he forfeited playcalling to his offensive coordinator. That is not long, however, after he won the coach of the year for the 12-4 Bears team.

Matt Nagy knows that Justin Fields is perfect for the Chicago Bears quarterback job.

Despite being on the outs with the fans, Nagy has proven that he can coach when he has a roster that is good enough. He is also a big reason that Patrick Mahomes is sitting there in Kansas City as it was pretty much his idea to trade draft him when nobody else saw that generational talent in him. Well, that should make fans give Fields a chance because that was clearly Nagy’s guy this year. He knew that he couldn’t work with Mitchell Trubisky (who he had nothing to do with drafting) anymore and now he is gone.

A video came out after the draft that should really excite some people. According to this video, Matt Nagy called Justin Fields on the night of the draft and asked him a question about a formation they talked about during a pre-draft zoom. Fields remembered every detail of it as if he had been studying that formation for years. That is something that is obviously going to impress someone like Nagy.

This is also good news for Bears fans for a variety of reasons. One of Trubisky’s biggest problems was that he couldn’t read defenses or make adjustments. He didn’t seem capable of running an offense the way a winning quarterback needs to. Well, Fields is sounding like someone that can do that for his team. With an offensive guy like Nagy there leading the way, that could lead to a lot of points.

Hot. The Chicago Bears are clearly very confident in their 2021 draft class. light

This has a chance to be Nagy’s second big-time decision at the quarterback position and we can only hope it would out as well as the first. He didn’t get to have his guy as a head coach and now he will get that opportunity. Nagy has a lot of his future relying on this player as he tries to take the Chicago Bears to the next level.