Chicago Bears: Post-2021 NFL Draft 53-man roster projection

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Projecting the 2021 Chicago Bears quarterbacks and running backs

Quarterbacks: Justin Fields, Andy Dalton

Oh, boy. We are in for some drama this summer, folks. Just a short while ago, Ryan Pace promised Andy Dalton the starting quarterback job when he offered him a contract. Dalton even told the media, he came to Chicago because they told him he was the starter.

We will see just how long that lasts, because it’s not hard to believe Justin Fields will take that job away from him during training camp. The question in the immediate future is, where does Nick Foles go?

The Bears will likely still try and trade him for anything they can get, because most teams do not keep three quarterbacks on the roster. Sooner or later, Foles will find a team. It might even take until training camp, if we see an injury, before Foles is dealt.

Running Backs: David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, Damien Williams, Khalil Herbert, Ryan Nall

At the moment, the Bears could end up keeping five running backs. That seems like a lot, but a couple of them have their own key area they specialize in. Obviously David Montgomery is the starter. Tarik Cohen could still handle punt return duties, being sprinkled in on offense here and there. Damien Williams is more of the true backup type.

Then, you have the rookie Khalil Herbert, who will probably take the kick return duties after doing so well in that area at Virginia Tech. Lastly, Ryan Nall somehow finds his way on the roster as the 53rd and final guy on. Don’t be surprised if the Bears keep an extra player elsewhere though, when it’s all said and done.