Chicago Bears: Cutting Charles Leno speaks volumes about their draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

A lot of people were speculating that Charles Leno’s days with the Chicago Bears were numbered after the 2021 NFL Draft but now it is complete. According to Ian Rapoport, the Bears are releasing their now former left tackles after spending the last seven seasons as their starter. This come’s after drafting Tevan Jenkins out of Oklahoma state to be the new guy. The Bears also drafted Larry Borom in the 5th round so there are definitely good replacements for Leno.

The Bears are up against the salary cap like most teams in the NFL. It didn’t go up for a variety of reasons but some teams are making moves like this. This move will potentially make their offensive line better but it is also going to save the Chicago Bears a lot of money. According to Rapoport again, the Bears will save nine million dollars against the cap with this move. It is going to be a post-June 1st move.

The Chicago Bears are confident with their current 2021 NFL Draft class.

The Bears, by making this move, put the burden of the position on Jenkins in year one. He is more than likely going to be the guy who steps in and plays as a rookie. Borom is also there from the fifth round which might form some serious depth. It is important for every team in the NFL to have a good offensive line if they want to be a good football team.

The Chicago Bears obviously just drafted Justin Fields out of Ohio State University. They see him as their future quarterback that will help them win a lot of games. Well, he will be nothing if he has no protection. The Bears absolutely need their line to start clicking in the upcoming years. Justin Fields is great but he isn’t going to do it all by himself and this move is another step towards building a permanent wall of an 0-line.

Of course, Charles Leno is going to find another job. He is a capable player that will see another team pay him. It isn’t going to be the Bears of course but he will have somewhere to go in the not-so-distant future.

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He is going to have to wait to sign for when he is officially released but it won’t take long after that. Leno knows that it is a part of the business and doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings based on the tweet. Hopefully, he finds his way with another team while rooting for the young Bears in the meantime.