Chicago Bears: 5 players breathing sigh of relief after 2021 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Danny Trevathan
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Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan should feel relieved after the 2021 NFL Draft

Inside linebacker Danny Trevathan only counts $5 million against the cap over the next two seasons, and with the way his play has taken a dip, the Bears should be looking at his successor. The positive for Trevathan after this past weekend is that they did not look to do so via this year’s draft.

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Trevathan has been a very good player for the Bears at times. After all, he does have two seasons with 100-plus total tackles in Chicago — last year included. But, don’t let that fool you. His age is definitely starting to show, as Trevathan is consistently a step behind. He’s lost a lot of his speed over the past two seasons and gets caught out of position often.

Out of all seven of their picks, the Bears didn’t use a single one on a linebacker. They must be pretty confident in that crew, Trevathan included. That actually says a lot about new defensive coordinator Sean Desai, who comes in to replace Chuck Pagano. Desai should be a little more aggressive than Pagano was, which could end up helping Trevathan make a couple more game-changing plays here and there.

Again, with Trevathan’s contract situation, the Bears easily could have gone to find his eventual replacement. They cannot cut Trevathan without eating over $13 million in dead cap this year and over $8 million next year, but the simple cap hit of roughly $5 million is easy enough on the team to try and find a replacement. They didn’t do that, so Trevathan should be breathing easy right now.