Chicago Bears: Justin Fields changes everything forever

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have had some exciting players all over the field throughout their history. They can’t really be that proud of their quarterback history, however. Jim McMahon wasn’t that good and he is their only Super Bowl-winning quarterback ever. Jay Cutler is statistically the greatest in franchise history and some older folks would probably pick Sid Luckman. Now, things might actually change forever thanks to the selection of Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Justin Fields is going to change everything about the Chicago Bears franchise forever.

Fields was an elite college quarterback. He somehow lost the starting job to Jake Fromm at Georgia so he transferred to Ohio State where he bloomed. He was so good in almost every game he played in throughout his collegiate career. He even made some big plays against Clemson to lead his team to the College Football National Championship. They were defeated by Alabama but you were still able to tell that this guy is just a winner.

Bears fans aren’t used to having a winner. That is why it came to everyone as a complete shock when they traded up from pick 20 to 11 to take him. Mac Jones of Alabama was on the board too and many feared he would be the pick. Jones is a good player but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy the Bears would work well with.

Justin Fields brings a level of excitement that not many can. He is athletic, can move out of the pocket, and has a cannon of an arm. He is also tough as nails with incredible leadership qualities. With all of that in mind, he is pretty much a perfect guy to bring in to try and do this for the Bears. If he performs well on the field, he will be given the keys to the city.

Another thing that this does for the Bears is it makes them not have to use Andy Dalton if Fields is ready. Dalton may start in week one depending on how things go but Fields is their guy long-term. The hope is that ten years from now, he is amongst the top starters in the league. This is a franchise-altering decision and the hope is that it finally works out in their favor.

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You know that a move is big for the Bears when every single person pretty much loves it. This fanbase was starting to feel bloated but now it seems like they are rejuvenated and excited. That is a good sign for things to come. Now that everybody is all excited for 2021 and beyond, we can’t wait to get there with Fields.