Chicago Bears Draft: Eddie Jackson throws serious shade on Instagram live

Chicago Bears (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

When the Chicago Bears moved up and selected Justin Fields, you better believe there were plenty of in-house text conversations between teammates.

This was a move that not only got the city of Chicago talking, but the entire sports world talking. General manager Ryan Pace made arguably his biggest splash since trading for Khalil Mack.

The Bears have struggled with quarterback dilemmas for far too long. They have suffered too many inconsistencies at the position for the entirety of their franchise’s existence. Fans had seemingly given up on the Bears ever being able to land a top-tier quarterback — until now.

The Ohio State product comes to the Bears as maybe the second-best quarterback in this year’s draft, yet the fourth one off the board. For whatever reason, Fields slid and the Bears pounced.

Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson was one of the more excited players in regards to the Fields pick.

Eddie Jackson was so excited, in fact, that he went on Instagram Live and said something every single Bears fan can completely relate to.

"”It’s about time we get ourselves a real… you know what I’m sayin’.”"

Very few players should be allowed to complain about their own team’s inconsistencies, as it’s sometimes viewed as unprofessional. However, Jackson is a guy who should definitely be able to voice his frustration.

Over his four-year career, Jackson has come up with 31 passes defensed, 10 interceptions, seven forced fumbles, six defensive touchdowns and has been voted an All Pro as well. This guy doesn’t mess around. He wants to win. He’s as competitive as they come.

The fact that he’s elated over the Bears’ selection of Fields shouldn’t come as a surprise. Furthermore, the fact that he threw both Foles and Dalton under the bus shouldn’t be looked down upon either. Jackson wants this team to win, and he clearly believes Fields gives them the best chance — as do the fans.

Jackson, along with plenty of his teammates, will be a main reason why Fields gets his chance sooner rather than later. He knows this team is ready to compete. He knows this defense has been waiting for a quarterback like Fields, so that the Bears’ offense can sustain drives and the defense gets their necessary rest. Fields impacts so many players right from the get-go.

Fields gives Jackson and company the ability to be far more aggressive, which best suits his style of play. Jackson is a ball hawk. He needs to be allowed to play more freely, and with the offense being able to put up more points now, he certainly will.

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I agree, Eddie. It’s about time the Bears got themselves a real quarterback.