Chicago Bears Draft: 3 trades to make following Justin Fields pick

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The Chicago Bears should acquire more picks in the 2021 NFL Draft

The Bears came into this year’s draft without a fourth-round pick. When they dealt for Fields, they lost their fifth-round pick as well. Now, they enter Day 2 with both their second and third rounders, thankfully. However, after that third round, they only get to pick in the sixth round from there on out.

Four picks in the sixth round is not too shabby, but it’ll be tough to find any immediate impact players there. For that reason, the Bears should try to move back a little bit and acquire more capital. If they can get a fourth or fifth-round pick by moving back slightly in the second round, they should do it.

A perfect scenario would be for the Bears to trade their no. 52 pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for their number 58 selection, along with one of their fifth rounders (no. 176). The Bears move back just six spots but get that fifth-round pick back that they gave up in the Fields trade.

One other deal that makes sense for the Bears is if they can move back to pick 59 with the Cleveland Browns while also coming away with a pick later in the fourth round (pick 133). That might be stretching it a bit, but obviously that’s an ideal move if Pace could pull it off.